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Welcome to the online home of Dr. Michele C. Reed.

Dr. Michele leads by example, taking her desire to help patients live better lives beyond the doctor’s office.

Check back frequently for updates on what’s new with Dr. Michele or where she will appear next on her mission to save the world, one patient at a time!

Also, don’t forget to stop by or for appointments or new programs that can help you be a healthier you!

What You Can Expect?

Dr. Michele is constantly on the move and often called upon to share her expertise with the masses. Check back frequently as she shares tips on healthy living, important medical information, common FAQ’s or just to find out what she’s been up to on her mission to change the world one patient at a time. Look for the occasional list of Dr. Michele’s Favorite Things.

Are You Up To The Challenge?

Have you been promising yourself that you’re going to start eating right and exercising but have yet to make the commitment? It’s time for a lifestyle change. Challenge yourself today to starting doing just one thing that will get you on track for healthier living. Join a dance class, take a daily stroll or simply replace all beverages with water and then stick to it until it becomes a habit. You can do it!

Let’s Get Motivated!

Need some motivation to start living a healthier life? Get a buddy! It’s easy for us to break our commitment to ourselves but when others are involved, we tend to be more consistent. Find a partner that you can work with to get fit and live better. Support, encourage and motivate each other. You’ll find it easier to stay on course.

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